replica Submariner 2020

2020 New Rolex Replica Submariner Watches Review

Replica Submariner is not only Rolex’s most well-known watch series, but also the most recognized professional watch. This year, due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, Rolex delayed the release of Submariner indefinitely. But in the end, Rolex announced 8 new Submariner watches, and the response was very good. So, today we will introduce to you 2 watches of them Rolex Submariner.

Submariner 126610LV

Compared with the 40MM Submariner, obviously the newly upgraded 41MM replica watch will be more popular. After all, a watch of this size not only looks more atmospheric, but also fits men’s wrists better. Rolex has always followed the traditional design philosophy, so the new Submariner watch has not changed much.

replica Submariner 2020

Submariner 126610LV watch not only uses 904L Oystersteel, but also has a dark green bezel. Compared with 116610LV, the brand new 126610LV watch has changed the color of the bezel and dial. As we all know, the bezel of Submariner 116610LV is bright green, while the dial is rich green. Even if the matching of the green bezel and the black dial is not common, it will not look strange, but rather harmonious. At the same time, this watch is not only equipped with Mercedes hands, but also has a date display window. These designs follow traditional concepts and have not changed.

replica Submariner 126610LV

However, on the movement and bracelet, Rolex has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Submariner 126610LV chose the NO.3235 movement. What we want to say is that this movement is the first time it appears in the Submariner series. If you are a loyal fan of Rolex, you will know that NO.3235 is not only extremely high-performance, but also one of Rolex’s most iconic movements. It can provide a super long 70 hours of power for the watch, so you can spend the weekend safely. In addition, the new Submariner 126610LV is equipped with a three-link Oystersteel bracelet. Obviously, this design will better meet everyone’s needs for comfort.

Submariner 126610LN

Usually, the black version of the Rolex watch will be the first choice for most people. Why? Because this color scheme is not only classic, but also easier to match. Whether it is casual wear or formal dress, it will be very suitable for matching. This Rolex replica Submariner 126610LV also uses a classic design. Although 126610LV did not use bold colors, it has a more retro effect.

Submariner replica model

At first glance at 126610LV, we were attracted by it. Its black Cerachrom bezel still maintains the traditional concept, not much different from the previous generation of diving watches. The bezel made of ceramic is not only wear-resistant, but also does not fade and is very easy to maintain. Matching the bezel is the black dial. Although the dial decoration has not changed much, it can’t change its practicality. Whether it is the date window or the 300-meter water resistance, it is enough to prove that the Submariner 126610LV is a high-quality watch.

replica Submariner 126610LN

In general, the new Submariner watch has not only been updated on the movement, but also equipped with a new 41MM case. We think this is the biggest change in the 2020 replica Rolex Submariner. Finally, I hope that after reading our introduction, it can help you learn more about Rolex’s new products in 2020.

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