Explorer II 216570 First Copy Watches

Can Not Resist The Charm Of Rolex Explorer II First Copy Watches

The first copy watches Explorer II is not only a brave and fearless watch but also a watch designed to accompany professional adventurers. Today let’s talk about the Explorer II once and now.

Explorer II Development History

In 1953, the first Rolex Explorer came out. In the same year, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay successfully climbed Mount Everest. Rolex just sponsored this expedition and provided Hillary with a watch to accompany him. This is the prototype of the later Rolex Explorer first copy watches.

Explorer II 1655 First Copy Watches

In 1971, Rolex introduced the first version of Explorer II, model 1655. This watch is only available in a stainless steel version with a black dial. Although it can provide a 24-hour hand, it is not a GMT watch because you cannot adjust the 24-hour hand independently.

Then in 1985, Rolex launched the Explorer II 16550 watch. The biggest difference with the old one is that it can be used as a GMT watch, which can track two time zones at the same time. There are other updates to this watch, the movement is changed from 3085 to 3185, and the watch model is also changed to 16570.

Explorer II 16570 First Copy Watches

In 2011, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Explorer II, Rolex released the new Explorer II 216570.

First Copy Watches 216570

The new Rolex Explorer II 216570 first copy watches have a larger 42MM size. To pay tribute to the original Explorer II model, Rolex brought back the orange Freccione arrow pointer. This design can improve the best visibility of the watch reading.

Like the previous generation Explorer II, the 216570 can use the traditional black or white polar dial. This watch is equipped with a new-generation NO.3187 movement. Like the previous NO.3186, NO.3187 is an upgraded version of NO.3185. So many basic data of this movement are the same, the biggest difference is that it is equipped with new suspension Paraflex and blue hairspring Parachrom.

Explorer II 216570 First Copy Watches

I have to admit that the new Explorer II 216570 has made me unable to resist its charm. Compared with the old model, it looks more refined and more practical. Although this first copy watch is designed for adventurers, the newly revised 216570, I think it will be the ideal choice for daily wear.

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