Luxury Replica Rolex Submariner 16613

Replica Rolex Submariner is the legend of diving watches. From its several appearances in the James Bond collection to the wrists of countless celebrities, Submariner has become one of the most recognized and coveted luxury replica watches in the world.

Two-Tone Dial

Replica Rolex Submariner 16613 has been in production for more than two decades. There have been many changes to this watch in more than two decades. The Submariner 16613 has a black or blue dial and bezel, a jeweled champagne or silver „Serti“ dial, and luminous hands and hour markers on the dial. The Submariner 16613 dial is the most beautiful dial I have ever seen. The rich sapphire blue dial and the ever-changing rising sun pattern are mesmerizing.

40MM Case

The replica Rolex Submariner 16613 case is 40mm in diameter and uses a ceramic „Cerachrom“ insert. This insert is scratch-resistant and does not lose bright colors like aluminum. The replica Submariner 16613 has wide lugs and crown guards, and its bezel features a new design and 18K gold material. The 16613 is water-resistant to 300 meters and has a unidirectional rotating bezel. The crown material of the replica Rolex Submariner 16613 is 18K gold.

3135 Movement

Submariner 16613 uses No. 3135 movement, which can store 48 hours of power. 16613 has a depth resistance of up to 1,000 feet. The Rolex Submariner 16613 oyster buckle-fastened strap ensures safe reading in the water.


Although I have seen many gold watches or watches with gold bracelets, this replica Rolex Submariner has brought me a rich golden appearance. The blue dial is combined with stainless steel silver. The polished 18k gold combination brings visual enjoyment. Just the unique color scheme of this Submariner 16613 watch is worth choosing.

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