Rolex Cellini Prince 5440 fake watch

Prince Rolex Fake Watch

Almost every topic about Rolex is rotten, but even so, every time Rolex fake watch is mentioned, Rolex fans still talk about it. For so many years, Rolex has a high reputation in the watchmaking industry due to its excellent quality. Today, let’s talk about Cellini Prince, Rolex’s only transparent back-case watch. What’s so special about this watch? This article answers for everyone.Cellini Prince 5440 Rolex fake watch

About Rolex Fake Watch Cellini

In 1928, the Cellini Prince collection fake watch was launched. However, it was discontinued for some reason in the late 1940s. Because of its avant-garde rectangular shape and excellent timing function, it has received a lot of praise. And is considered a representative of elegance and excellence.

From the appearance point of view, Prince Cellini has always been the “least-like Rolex” Rolex fake watch, and it is also the only modern Rolex without an Oyster case. The most important thing is that it is available, the only watch with a transparent back-case. Just this point, everyone can know the uniqueness of Cellini Prince.


Cellini Prince

In 2005, Rolex launched Prince watches again. This version of Prince still retains the square case structure and is also equipped with a manual winding movement. Rolex has launched a total of 3 models of watches, platinum, gold and rose gold. Although different materials are used, they all use the same square case.Rolex Cellini Prince 5440 fake watch

The Cellini Prince, which has the same size square case, has its own style in the dial design. For example, the  Cellini Prince 5440 Rolex fake watch has a Paris studded dial. Through the transparent back-case, we can see that the pattern on the movement is the same as the dial.

This Cellini Prince is equipped with Rolex’s first manually wound movement NO.7040. It provides 72 hours of extra-long power and is certified by the COSC Observatory. Because of the transparent back-case, we can clearly appreciate the beautiful movement.

Rolex fake watch Cellini Prince 5440

In short, the specially released Cellini Prince is one of the rare masterpieces of Rolex. However, manual movements and non-waterproof designs cannot attract the interest of ordinary consumers. For collectors, it is worth fascinating and admiring. Obviously, bipolar differentiation is severe. But it is no exaggeration to say that Cellini is the most unique in the development history of Rolex. This need not be questioned!


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