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Review Imitation Rolex Day-Date 18348

Imitation Rolex Day-Date not only has a luxurious design, but also a famous President watch. Obviously, this series is favored by top celebrities. As we all know, Day-Date has many styles to choose from, and each style is very popular. Today we will take you to review Day-Date 18348.

36MM Yellow Gold Case

This imitation Rolex Day-Date is not only made of yellow gold, but also comes with shiny diamonds. Its 36MM case is suitable for women and thin wrists men. Matching with the case is the 18K gold President bracelet. At the same time, the center of the bracelet is also inlaid with diamonds. Therefore, you appreciate this watch from any angle, it is extremely luxurious.

Imitation Rolex Day-Date 18348

Diamond Bezel And Dial

We think everyone will be fascinated by it. Why? Because this imitation watch not only has a diamond bezel, but also a diamond dial. Look carefully at the dial of 18348. Its yellow gold dial not only has a dual calendar window, but also has a diamond mark. We have to say that this is also an exquisite and practical watch. As long as you have seen it, you will be fascinated.

Imitation Rolex

Diamond Manually Set

Imitation Rolex Day-Date 18348 uses many diamonds. These diamonds are not only high-quality but also more valuable, and each diamond is carefully selected. After that, the watchmaker will manually set the diamonds in the center of the bezel, dial, and bracelet. Mentioning this, we want you to be sure that Rolex watches are worth choosing.

Imitation Rolex Day-Date

In short, choosing a high-quality and luxurious watch is what every successful person pursues. Trust us, decorating your wrist with this Rolex watch will definitely be the best choice. Finally, I hope you can have a pleasant surprise after reviewing the content of this article.

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