A Story About Replica Rolex Air-King 14010

Replica Rolex Air-King is not only an entry-level watch, but also has a special historical significance. Before Daytona and Submariner appeared, Air-King already existed in the Rolex catalog. Therefore, Air-King is undoubtedly the oldest series of Rolex. But at the same time, it is also one of the least discussed watches in all Rolex series. As a watch for pilots during World War II, Air-King became the backbone of the Rolex watch catalog with its reliable performance. In any case, no one can ignore it. Let us first understand its background story.

replica Rolex Air-King 14010 watches

Background Story

In 1945, the Air-King replica watches came out, which was designed to commemorate the Royal Air Force. Therefore, in addition to being a pilot’s watch, it has profound historical significance. On the other hand, Air-King is not only a „Time-only“ watch, but also a watch that still exists today. It is worth mentioning that the original watch model not only had a simple big three-pin design, but also the price very cheap. As we all know, Rolex is committed to creating unique and reliable watches. Since 1945, Air-King has undergone many upgrades and changes. Next, I will introduce Air-King 14010 for you.

replica Rolex Air-King 14010

Replica Rolex Air-King 14010


This is a steel watch comes with a 34MM case. On this case, it is matched with the famous Oyster case of replica Rolex. It is no exaggeration to say that this Oyster case is not only the best seen in the watch industry, but also very strong. It uses 904L stainless steel that exceeds the industry standard. This stainless steel is not only more corrosion resistant than standard 316L stainless steel, but also very scratch resistant.

Rolex replica Air-King 14010


The replica Rolex Air-King 14010 has a black dial. Obviously, the layout of the finish is very simple and there is no complicated design. On the dial, you can see the hands, hour markers, and brand logo. For those who like simple replica watches, this would be an ideal choice. This watch has a fixed bezel and cannot be rotated. Some experts explained that this fixed bezel is not only easy to maintain, but also will not cause problems.

replica Rolex Air-King 14010 movement


Now enter the internal movement of the replica Rolex Air-King 14010. It is powered by 3000 self-winding movement and has COSC certification. This movement is the basis of all Rolex 30XX movements. In other words, the subsequent 30XX movements were developed on the basis of 3000. From a functional point of view, it can not only accurately set the time, but also provide 50 hours of power. In addition, the replica Rolex Air-King 14010 Oyster bracelet is also very good. To some extent, it is the best bracelet in the industry. Why? This kind of bracelet is not only easy to fix, but also very comfortable.


In short, replica Rolex Air-King are reliable watches with historical significance. Although its design is simple, its functions are sufficient to meet the needs of most people. This watch is suitable for both men and women. From a matching point of view, it is suitable for almost all clothing. Finally, after reading this article, what do you think of the replica Rolex Air-King 14010? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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