Rolex imitation Explorer II 216570 black dial

About Rolex Explorer II Sports Imitation Watches

Although Explorer II is not as famous as GMT-Master and Submariner, it is also an indispensable directory for Rolex. Explorer II is not only a recognized tool imitation watch, but also has professional functions. Since its birth in 1971, Explorer II has been updated and upgraded many times. Among them, the most obvious and famous change is the update of the 24-hour pointer.

Rolex not only has a history of more than 110 years, but also created a variety of professional tool watches. Just like the GMT-Master and Submariner mentioned above, one of them is suitable for pilots and the other is suitable for divers. What about Explorer II? From design to release, the goal of Explorer II has always been a tool watch for explorers. But whether it is GMT-Master, Submariner or Explorer II, they are all regarded as sports watches. In addition to the sporty feeling brought by 904L stainless steel, their own professional functions also make more sports enthusiasts like them. Let us explore the story about Explorer II together today.

imitation Rolex Explorer II 216570

Explorer II GMT Imitation Watches

„GMT“ is actually a function specially developed by Rolex for pilots. This function can not only track multiple time zones at the same time, but also display the time of two different countries at the same time. Explorer II is the only series with GMT function besides GMT-Master. Obviously, it is a unique sports imitation watch that requires in-depth understanding.

Rolex imitation Explorer II 216570 black dial

Next, we take the Explorer II 216570 black version as an example to take you to understand it in depth.

Rolex Explorer II 216570 Black Version

Explorer II 216570 is the 40th anniversary watch released by imitation Rolex in 2011. This watch is an upgraded version of Explorer II 16570. But we know that Rolex is not only a luxury watch brand, but also a classic watch brand that adheres to traditional design concepts. When it comes to „classic“, almost no brand can match Rolex. Therefore, although Rolex upgraded 16570 to 216570, the style of the watch has not changed much.

42MM Case

This 42MM case is the biggest difference between Explorer II 216570 and 16570. Obviously 42MM will be more suitable for most sports men than 40MM. Its case is made of 904L stainless steel. Compared with the industry standard 316L stainless steel, 904L is more in line with the needs of the public. Why? This steel not only has high corrosion resistance, but also has a high degree of comfort. This is unmatched by other watch brands. In addition, this 904L grade stainless steel can also further enhance the robustness of the watch. Like other Rolex watches, the Explorer II 216570 has an Oyster waterproof case with 100 meters water resistance.

imitation Rolex Explorer II 16570 vs 216570
Black Dial

In order to perfectly integrate the design elements, Rolex also made some changes to the dial. On the 42MM case, you can see a black dial. Its dial not only has a striking orange 24-hour hand (16570 is a thin red 24-hour hand), but also a date window. In addition, its white gold hands and hour markers can provide long-lasting blue light in dark environments instead of green. Obviously, the hands, time scales and light-emitting devices are all changes in the Explorer II 216570 dial.

Another change detail of imitation Rolex Explorer II 216570 is the bracelet. Previously, Explorer II used Fliplock buckles, but Explorer II 216570 was equipped with folding Oysterlock buckles. In a sense, this kind of clasp will be stronger and more comfortable.

imitation Rolex Explorer II 216570 Cal.3187
Caliber 3187

Explorer II 216570 uses a caliber 3187. This caliber not only has a timing function, but also provides 48 hours of power. At the same time, the daily accuracy parameter of 3187 is +2/-2 second. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a rare precision modern sports watch. It is worth mentioning that Rolex also provides a long 5-year warranty. This is a service that most watch brands do not implement. But also because of this, Rolex can enjoy a higher reputation than other brands.

In short, we have always maintained an appreciation of the low-key Explorer II watches. Although not so well-known in the market, it is also favored by some people. Finally, if you are still not sure about your preferences, you can consider this Explorer II 216570. In any case, this is a versatile and practical modern style sports watch.

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