Best Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date 228206

Best Swiss Replica Rolex Classic Watch Day-Date

There is no doubt that the Day-Date of the best swiss replica Rolex collection is an extremely classic watch. Let’s put it this way, it has not only occupied a certain position in the history of Rolex but also occupied a milestone significance in the entire history of watches. Someone once said, „If a person can only have one good watch in his life, it must be Rolex Day-Date.“ Let us talk about the Day-Date watch today.

Best Swiss Replica Rolex Classic Watch Day-Date

Best Swiss Replica Day-Date

Day-Date’s full name is Oyster Perpetual Day-Date or DD for short. The full name looks simple, but anyone who knows these four words sums up the features of this best swiss replica watch: waterproof, automatic, calendar, week.

In 1956, Rolex introduced the Day-Date. In design, this watch realized the dual calendar function and was made of precious metal materials. Day-Date at that time moved the calendar to the 3 o’clock position and expanded the week window into a fan shape at 12 o’clock. This move was very different from the side-by-side calendar and weekday designs that were popular at the time. However, precisely because of this change, Day-Date became the world’s first dual calendar watch.

Best Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date Classic Watch

40MM Day-Date

Although the previous Day-Date is good, 36MM watches are not suitable for everyone. For this reason, Rolex launched a new 40MM Day-Date in 2015.

This best swiss replica Rolex Day-Date 228206 is equipped with a 40MM case. Compared with 36MM, this size is more suitable for everyone. Inside the 40MM case is a blue dial set with 10 diamonds, each of which is carefully selected. Day-Date 228206 uses rare 950 platinum, a material that can create stunning precious metal finishes.

Best Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date 228206

Finally, it is worth mentioning the movement used in this watch. The previous Day-Date used the NO.3155 movement. Although this is also an accurate and reliable movement, it is not as good as the 40MM Day-Date NO.3255 movement. Why do you say that? Because this movement uses 14 patented technologies, including its accuracy, power reserve, reliability, anti-magnetic … the whole level is beyond the precision timepieces certified by COSC. And NO.3255 has an ultra-long 70-hour power reserve, which means you can spend a whole weekend with peace of mind, and you don’t need to adjust the watch time on Monday.

Best Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date 228206 40MM

In summary, I personally appreciate this best swiss replica Rolex Day-Date. It has the advantages, I believe everyone has understood after reading the above content. Therefore, if you are thinking about whether to buy a Rolex Day-Date, I will tell you seriously that you will never regret buying it, it is worth having.

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