Buy A Replica Rolex Submariner Watch Guide

Replica Rolex Submariner is not only the benchmark of diving watches, but also widely praised for its durability. Since 1953, Submariner has undergone several updates and upgrades, and many famous models have been born. From the general direction, Submariner can be divided into two categories, one with a date window, and the other without a date window. Undoubtedly, the black stainless steel version of Submariner is the first choice of the public. Before deciding to buy, would you choose 116610 LN with date or 114060 no date? I believe that you will find the answer from this guide.

replica Rolex Submariner

Submariner 116610 LN

Submariner 116610 LN was born in 2010. This replica watch is not only one of Rolex’s most representative products, but also the best collection of collectors. It has a classic 40MM case with 904L stainless steel. Naturally, watches made of this material are not only corrosion-resistant, but also very durable. In daily life, it will not rust even after prolonged contact with water. As a professional diving watch, replica Rolex Submariner 116610 LN has a water resistance of 300 meters. Inside the case, it is comes with the Rolex standard 3135 movement. This movement is not only one of Rolex’s most reliable movements, but also one of the most accurate movements in the industry.

replica Rolex Submariner 116610 LN

This is a dive watch with a black dial. On the dial, you can not only clearly see the white gold mark, but also a date window. The extremely luxurious white gold markings and the black dial form a strong contrast. Therefore, you will clearly feel that it is very easy to get the time and date of the dial. The most unique is the 116610 LN date window. This window has a prominent Cyclops magnifying lens. Obviously, this design not only improves the readability of the date, but also makes the watch more recognizable. Surrounding the dial is a graduated digital bezel. This is a 60-minute chronograph scale bezel, which can help professionals use it.

Submariner 114060

Rolex Submariner 114060 also comes with a classic 40MM stainless steel case. But we can notice that this is a dial without a date. Yes, it has no date window, which is different from Submariner 116610 LN. Although there is no date window, the dial looks harmonious. Maybe some people think that the date window is one of the signs of Submariner. In fact, choosing a replica watch with or without a date depends entirely on personal preference. So, you don’t have to worry about this when buying. On the black dial, except for the missing date window, the rest of the design is the same as 116610 LN, there is not much difference.

replica Rolex Submariner 114060

It is worth mentioning that the replica Rolex Submariner can also provide you with a luminous dial in the dark. This function is due to the Chromalight material used on the dial. It can ensure that the watch continues to glow for 8 hours in a dark environment. In addition, Rolex chose the 3130 movement for Submariner 114060. Both reference movements are equipped with the latest Parachrom hairspring, which can provide at least two days of power.


In the long-term development, replica Rolex updated the bezel and bracelet for Submariner. It needs to be added that the previous Submariner provided an aluminum bezel. In terms of durability, they are not as good as the modern Submariner. Why? On the modern replica Rolex Submariner, you will see it with a Cerachrom bezel. This bezel is not only not easy to fade, but also scratch-resistant. In any case, this material is better than the previous aluminum. On the other hand, they are equipped with the brand’s Oyster bracelet. In order to make the watch more modern, Rolex added the Oysterlock buckle and Glidelock expansion system to the Oyster bracelet. These designs not only make the watch more robust, but also make it easier for you to use.

replica Rolex Submariner bracelet

Final Conclusion

As mentioned above, which replica Rolex Submariner you choose depends on your personal preference. But it is undeniable that Submariner with date is more practical. So, if you prefer something more powerful, choose Submariner 116610 LN.On the contrary, if you like a watch with a more harmonious dial, you can choose Submariner 114060. Finally, in any case, they are Rolex’s most outstanding and classic professional watches.

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