replica Rolex Air-King 114200 watches

Classic Replica Rolex Air-King 114200 White Arabic Guide

Replica Rolex Air-King 114200 is not only one of the most affordable watches replica of modern times, but it also offers a lot of practical features. Although this line was created before the Submariner, it is not as well known as the Submariner, and in fact, anyone familiar with the Air-King knows that it is not only understated, but also features top-notch design. I really like this replica watch, so today’s guide will take you in-depth understanding of it.

Historical Overview

In the 1940s, Hans Wilsdor, the founder of Rolex, launched the „AIR“ series of watches in honor of the British Royal Air Force. Initially, the complete „AIR“ series included the Air-Lion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger and Air-King models. However, only the Air-King model is still in production today. For more than 70 years, the replica Rolex Air-King has been the most iconic of the brand.

Rolex replica Air-King 114200

In the Air-King model, most of the watches replica are in the classic 34MM case design. With the exception of the early watches, modern Air-King replica watches have automatic winding functions. However, in the latest version, the Air-King still has automatic winding, but the case size has been increased to 39mm, so in a sense, the 114200 is the last classic replica Rolex Air-King watch.

Classic Air-King 114200

At a glance, the classic replica Rolex Air-King 114200 not only has a petite appearance, but also an elegantly simple design. just looking at the appearance, you will feel that its style is very Just looking at the appearance, you will feel that its style is very low-key, and it is not eye-catching to wear on the wrist. On the other hand, thanks to its understated and classic style, it is suitable for almost any outfit. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the perfect watch to match your outfit.

replica Rolex Air-King 114200

The Air-King 114200 has a classic 34mm case. This case not only features Oyster technology, but also uses top quality 904L stainless steel. Technically speaking, this design will not only make the watch more water resistant, but also extremely corrosion resistant. The dial of the replica Rolex Air-King 114200 is very simple, yet sophisticated. It is a white dial with black Roman numerals, and the brand logo and white markers on the dial.

replica Rolex Air-King 114200 watches

On the other hand, the replica Rolex Air-King 114200 comes with an automatic winding function. It is powered by the caliber 3130, which is not only extremely accurate but also provides 48 hours of power. Obviously, the movement is very reliable and powerful. All in all, this is a classic replica Rolex watch that you will indulge in whether you own it or not.

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