Rolex Explorer II replica watch 16570

Rolex Explorer II Replica Watch 16570 Detailed Review

Rolex Explorer II replica watch is not only a professional tool watch, but also one of the most valuable sports watches. Most people know that Rolex makes a variety of tool watches for different purposes. From the professional diving watch Submariner to the pilot watch GMT-Master, to the Explorer. Obviously, every watch designed by Rolex has a specific meaning and purpose. Below, we will review the Explorer II 16570 in detail.

Modern Design

Explorer II 16570 has been in production for 22 years and it is very low-key. Why? Because we met people who knew nothing about it. This replica watch not only has a clean white dial, but also a striking orange 24-hour hand. Its dial design is not only atmospheric, but also very dynamic.

Rolex Explorer II replica watch

But what we want to say is that Explorer II 16570 can also look the second time zone. This feature is especially important for adventurers. In addition, its dial not only has a date window, but also luminous hour markers and hands. There is no doubt that watches made of luminous materials are still clear and easy to read even in extreme environments.

40MM Case

This Rolex Explorer II replica watch comes with a 40MM case. This size is ideal and fits almost every man’s wrist. Its case is made of Oyster stainless steel, so it has a water resistance of 100 meters. Matching with the case is the GMT stainless steel bezel. This bezel is polished.

Rolex Explorer II replica watch 16570

NO.3185 Movement

Rolex Explorer II replica watch 16570 is equipped with NO.3185 movement. This movement not only has 31 jewels, but also provides 50 hours of power. It is no exaggeration to say that every Rolex movement is tested in many different ways. Therefore, its accuracy and reliability need not be doubted.

16570 Rolex Explorer II replica watch

Finally, in addition to the Oyster case, the Explorer II 16570 also uses the Oyster bracelet. This kind of bracelet is not only lightweight, but also very comfortable. And its folding clasp can also fit well on the wrist. All in all, although the 16570 is not a popular watch, the value of its professionalism is endless. Because it is not only a sports watch, but also a versatile professional tool watch. We believe that wearing it on the wrist will bring surprises.

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