rolex replica datejust 116200 watches

Rolex Replica Datejust Watches Buying Guide

In more than one hundred years of development, many models have been added to the Rolex watch catalog. As fans of Rolex, we may pay more attention to well-known replica watches such as Daytona, Submariner and GMT-Master. But no one will ever ignore Datejust. Rolex replica Datejust watches not only has a certain influence on the entire watch industry, but it is also the most important model in the Rolex catalog. Where does this sentence start? In this buying guide, we first take you through the story between Rolex and Datejust.

Historical Story

In 1945, Rolex designed and launched Datejust replica watches to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary. In particular, the original Datejust not only uses a waterproof Oyster case, but also has an automatic winding function. This feature was unique at the time and never appeared. Because of this, it also established Rolex Datejust’s position in the watch market. Compared with other Rolex replica watches, Datejust is not designed for specific people or environments, it is neither a dive watch nor a race chronograph. If we must describe it in one sentence, we feel that Datejust not only has a classic and timeless appearance, but also has reliable and practical performance.

rolex replica datejust watches

Overall, this is a multifunctional watch suitable for everyday wear. It is worth mentioning that Rolex replica Datejust watches are the earliest models that still exist. Until 2019, it contains five different sizes of models, namely 28MM, 31MM, 34MM, 36MM and 41MM. Among these five options, people tend to buy the classic 36MM and the modern 41MM. So, next we will take you to understand from the classic 36MM.

36MM Classic Datejust

When you don’t have a clear choice of what model to buy, you can’t go wrong with the most classic one. Rolex replica Datejust 116200 watches use the classic 36MM Oyster case. This watch case is not only extremely waterproof, but also very strong. Why? Because Rolex watches are made of 904L stainless steel that exceeds the industry standard. This grade of stainless steel has far exceeded the 316L grade, and at the same time, this is one of the reasons why Rolex watches are strong and durable. Let us return to the topic. On the 36MM case is an extremely simple white dial. The overall layout of this dial is very simple, you can see the hands, hour markers, brand logo and a date window.

rolex replica datejust 116200 watches

But through the dial, you can not only get the most accurate time, but also check the date at any time. These functions are entirely dependent on the internal movement 3135 of Rolex replica Datejust watches. It is not only one of Rolex’s most reliable movements, but also one of the longest-lived movements. Obviously, this is an ancient movement with a legendary color. Its bezel is smooth and is equipped with the famous Jubilee bracelet. This kind of bracelet is not only exquisite, but also extremely comfortable. Undoubtedly, the 36MM Datejust is indeed very classic, and this design is obviously not out of date.

41MM Modern Datejust

In fact, the appearance of 41MM Rolex replica Datejust watches is also very classic, but the design will be more modern. In order to adapt to market demand, Rolex launched the 41MM Datejust II in 2009. Simply put, Datejust II meets the needs of people who like large-sized watches. But the design of the watch is changed based on the previous generation Datejust. Therefore, the appearance of Datejust replica watches looks very similar, except for some changes in internal details, the overall difference is not big.

126334 rolex replica datejust watches

Take a look at the Datejust 41 126334 Rolex replica. It is a watch with a blue dial. On the dial, you can not only clearly see the hour markers, but also the Cyclops date window. At the same time, the grooved bezel is matched with the dial, which is one of the differences from the 116200. Look at the movement again. This watch uses the 3235 movement. Not only is it extremely accurate, but it can also store approximately 70 hours of power. In addition, Datejust 41 126334 did not use an exquisite Jubilee bracelet, but instead used an Oyster bracelet. This kind of bracelet is not only fashionable, but also more modern and sporty.

In this guide, we mentioned the history between Rolex and Datejust watches, and learned about 36MM and 41MM Rolex replica Datejust watches. In general, it is not only a true symbol of Rolex, but also a historical symbol of the watch industry. But in any case, Datejust is the best watch in everyday life. From appearance to function, it is top in the industry. Therefore, we highly recommend everyone who wants to buy a Rolex watch. If you are not sure what watch to buy, you can try to buy Rolex Datejust, it will not make you regret it.

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