Rolex Replica GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR

Rolex Replica GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR Review

Rolex replica has not only attracted the attention of the market, but also is the favorite luxury watch brand of international celebrities. Among them, the Rolex GMT-Master II series enjoys a high reputation for its two-tone bezel. Whether traveling around the world or having fun at home, it can accompany you. Speaking of the most famous model of GMT-Master II, everyone will think of 126710 BLNR. So, today we will bring you a review of GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR.

Two-Tone Bezel

This replica watch has a famous two-tone bezel. Its bezel consists of two colors, black and blue. Therefore, it also received the title of „Batman“. In addition, 126710 BLNR is also made of ceramic. Watches made of this material are not only durable but also not easy to fade. When you decorate your wrist with it, it is not only very dynamic, but also attracts a lot of people’s attention.

GMT-Master II Rolex Replica 126710 BLNR

40MM Case

Almost every Rolex replica watch is made of Oyster stainless steel. This is not only Rolex’s patented technology, but also has a long history. Obviously, GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR also has this technology.

Rolex Replica GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR

It comes with a 40MM case, which will fit men’s wrists perfectly. Whether it is a man with a slender wrist or a man with a thicker wrist, you can use it to decorate your wrist. The most important thing is that all watches made of Oyster stainless steel are waterproof. Therefore, even if you wear it for water sports, it doesn’t matter.

Black Dial

Rolex replica GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR uses a classic black dial. In its dial, we can not only see the blue GMT pointer, but also a date display window. When you wear the 126710 BLNR in a dark environment, you can still see its luminous display mark.

Rolex Replica 126710 BLNR GMT-Master II


Compared with the NO.3186 movement, the NO.3285 movement is a brand new GMT movement. This movement not only has an extra-long 70-hour power reserve, cbut also provides higher impact resistance.

There is no doubt that the GMT-Master II watch with the NO.3285 movement will be more accurate and reliable than the previous model. Finally, we think that the 126710 BLNR with the Jubilee bracelet will be the most important reason for men to buy it. Because whether it is beauty or comfort, this Rolex watch will be even better.

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